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At Home With Hebrew (Software for Windows) - web download (Release 4.7)

Same program as described elsewhere, except this is the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD version. You save the $7 shipping/handling by getting the digital download, and start learning as soon as you download and install!

We will send you the download link after your order payment has been received.

The Rabbi lauded and child-proven way for any beginner to learn to read Hebrew in 13 lessons (over 2700 voice files). Then go on with dozens of other lessons, learn the top 400 words in the Bible, and practice with fun games.

Perfect for the very beginner or for someone who wants to learn some basic vocabulary or brush up on reading skills.

Includes several Jewish blessings and songs, Psalms, cantillation (laining) symbols, and scriptures with which you can practice.

Works on all popular versions of Windows.

Full video demos here: click here.

Visit the full web site: http://Hebrew-Resources.com

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