addtocart.asp Error 101 [storecode not set properly]

Shopping Cart Error

You might have been sitting looking at the shopping cart for more than

15 minutes when you clicked the button or link to add an item to the
shopping cart. If this is the case, please click one of the links
below to show the product catalog again: Product Catalog Product Catalog Product Catalog Product Catalog Product Catalog

If you got this error and you don't think the time-out issue above applies, then
the following probably explains the error:

Cookies must be Allowed (Turned On)
to maintain Session Variables

OR Session Timeout (no use for 15 minutes)

Use Internet Options to change your privacy or cookie settings. Note: this seems to be a problem with IE6.
The following will fix the problem:
From your IE6 Browser click 'Tools', then 'Internet Options'
then click the 'Privacy' tab, then move the slider to 'LOW'.

For the extreme details: Read Microsoft Site Changing Cookie Settings

I'm currently researching how to avoid this problem by adding a privacy policy.
If you are NOT using IE6.0, would you please email me about this problem? Click here to email